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At Gautier, we believe that true beauty is when it is done well.
When it’s made close to home, when we use environmentally friendly materials.
And above all, when it is designed for you.
Because it’s beautiful, furniture that lasts.

Discover why Gautier furniture is truly sustainable

Let's design your tailor-made interior together

l'accompagnement gautier pour votre aménagement d'intérieur

Our interior design experts support you in your projects

Our interior design advisors will help you choose your finishes, colors and materials from an infinite number of possible configurations. Create furniture together designed especially for your interior.

Come to store

Our unique air solution allows you to imagine and create the interior of your dreams!

During an appointment in store, at your home or by videoconference with your advisor-designer, you benefit from tailor-made and free expertise*. Step by step, your interior design project comes true!

*no condition of purchase

Discover the layout advice offered
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