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Lodge high bed

Perfect for creating your own little world

Lodge high bed
Lodge high bed
Lodge high bed

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Хотели бы вы увидеть его у себя дома в дополненной реальности?

Активируйте дополненную реальность и визуализируйте 3D-вид на своем смартфоне, чтобы увидеть эту мебель в вашей комнате.

  1. Нажмите на значок куба Посмотрите в 3D под изображением продукта и дождитесь загрузки модуля
  2. Нажмите на синий значок Дополненная реальность, видимый на 3D-изображении. Мебель скоро будет видна в вашем помещении!
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Сведения об изделии

With its Scandinavian-inspired design, the LODGE kids’ bed has everything a full-size bed offers. It features minimalist shapes, an inviting frame, and natural, soft-coloured wood. This minimalist, reassuring style works well with all kids’ bedroom styles. The ‘claustra’ openwork panel between the base and floor nicely separates the work space from the relaxation corner. This area can also hold a bookcase and other modular storage units from the LODGE collection. Our tip: add a chair-bed. It is a comfortable chair for reading and playing, then at night it transforms into a spare bed. Amazing!

Характеристики и размеры




Includes: 1 ladder with non-slip strips on the steps, 1 guard rail, 1 perforated base panel (spring mattress recommended, maximum thickness 21 cm), 1 worktop L.97 x D.50 cm, 1 shelf on the top. 1 partition. Whole unit is reversible left/right. In accordance with current regulations, this item meets the safety requirements set out in the European standard NF EN 747 for high beds. High beds are not suitable for children under 6 years of age. Item for home use only. Frame: particleboard covered with veined Boreal oak effect and plain white melamine. 1mm ABS edges, some rounded. Leg uprights for single beds and uprights for high bed, grips on wardrobe doors: MDF covered with boreal oak effect foil. Handles: base with brushed stainless steel finish, leather loop with a natural finish. Hooks: brushed stainless steel. Drawer frames: grey textile effect polypropylene foiled particleboard on grey roller drawer runners with soft-close mechanism. Wardrobe mirror: clear silvered glass. Castors: grey ABS. All furniture is self-assembly except where marked * (fully assembled with possible exception of handles, floor protectors and castors).


Материалы Particleboard
Монтаж Meuble à monter soi-même
Вес 138 кг
Размеры Длина 208 см * Высота 182 см * Глубина 152 см
Размеры упаковки Упаковка 1: 55 x 14 x 115 cm (43 кг)
Упаковка 2: 44 x 9 x 207 cm (37 кг)
Упаковка 3: 32 x 13 x 197 cm (36 кг)
Упаковка 4: 89 x 3 x 201 cm (22 кг)
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Происхождение : France

Manufacturer : Gautier

Происхождение : France

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"This is a comprehensive bed as it has everything a child needs: a reading corner, a working corner and, above, a high bed where they can dream of one day travelling to the stars...”

The spacious study area is perfect for kids who love to spread out all their school books as they work or to play on a desk top as big as their imagination.

Нужно вдохновение, чтобы создать уютный дом мечты?

Let's imagine together the ideal room for your children

We support you to imagine your children's dream room: furniture, decoration ... A complete project from A to Z for a space in their image where they can fully develop.

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Interior designers' advice

Выбор детской кровати

Beds with room to grow and dream

Stylish beds that kids and teens will love

Kids and teens alike will love our range of beds. Their carefully crafted finishes and trendy designs make them timeless.

Our beds are as inexhaustible as your kids

Our ‘kids’ beds are designed to withstand anything your kids might throw at them, because we understand children’s exuberant energy. Our beds are havens and cosy cocoons in which your kids can play, imagine and rest after a crazy, busy day!

Carefully crafted beds with your kids in mind

We only use solvent-free water-based finishing products. Your children need to grow up in bedrooms that provide a healthy environment, in line with current manufacturing standards.

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