French furniture designer and manufacturer for 60 years

Gautier style

Our style is all about the French Touch: adding a dash of elegant daring to a room. Whether you're enjoying dinner with friends or engrossed in a good book on your sofa, having a little bit of us in your home changes everything.

Furniture designed for your life

Our furniture is designed to make your daily life easier, however you live it. Shine or be subtle in your living room, extend it for entertaining or fold it down and enjoy its decorative qualities.

"We want to create furniture for the way people actually live. Drawers that can be opened and closed forever and stylish tables with hidden extensions. It has to be able to withstand everyday life and all the surprises it has in store."

Style that suits your home

Our designers' understated, chic and contemporary lines suit all interiors, from Haussmannian to modern and from urban lofts to country cottages. Our finishes are designed so that our collections can be mixed and matched to suit your preferences.

"By working on our materials, textures and colours simultaneously, we can create a wide range of finishes, so there's something for everyone. Each composition is unique in some way."

A quest for excellence

We are proud of the expertise, high standards and distinctive style we are renowned for in France and around the world. You don't just choose Gautier furniture for its practicality and robustness, you choose it because you love it. You recognise the attention to detail, the thoughtful style elements and the emotion that goes into creating such elegant lines.

"Choosing a piece of Gautier furniture tells you a lot about yourself. Your choice of materials and colours reveals your inner sensibilities and desires, whether you opt for a welcoming, almost intimate piece or an impressive piece that demands to be noticed."

A very French way of doing things

Our French Touch means we leave nothing to chance. We like to surprise you subtly and make you fall in love. A bold mix of wood, glass and metal here; a touch of blue or an unexpected shade of ochre there. Gautier style is about discovering something you might not have thought of and realising it totally belongs in your home.

Choosing a piece of Gautier furniture is about making yourself happy and sharing that happiness with visiting family and friends. Isn't that what it's all about?

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