French furniture designer and manufacturer for 60 years

Our business: contemporary veneering

We are proud of our expertise in contemporary veneering, a clever blend of traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing excellence. We are determined to pass on this passion for "covering furniture" to the future generations who pass through the doors of our factories.

Veneering, an age-old art

Did you know that veneering dates back to antiquity and is defined as the art of covering furniture in precious wood (mainly ebony, from the 15th century)? It involves attaching thin sheets of precious wood to a solid wood structure.

Today, we use particle board instead of solid wood, made in our factories by compressing wood chips with a binding agent. The veneers are further enhanced by the wide range of coatings, laminates and beautiful finishes available. They look and feel amazing.

Pushing creativity to the limit

To create our Gautier furniture, we assembled a team of designers with different approaches. While some have been part of Gautier for almost 20 years, others honed their techniques on recent projects.

From co-creation workshops and researching trends to talking to customers about their expectations and how they use furniture, no two days are the same as they seek the details that make the difference! Their expert use of colour and techniques and their instinct for practicality give rise to unique pieces born of their imaginations and unlimited creativity.

A deep respect for wood

Wood particle board has many advantages, including great stability, a long lifespan and high adaptability.

But where it shines the most is on the environmental front. We are proud to say that our wood panels are made from:

Wood from forests located less than 300 km from our production sites

Wood chips, sawdust, branches and recycled wood from the wood industry

And even recycled wood chips from... old furniture!

We are adopting a circular economy approach with our partner Eco-mobilier and are now able to make new furniture from old. Another bold idea!

"We don't just design and make furniture, we transform wood!"

Continuing to innovate 
for your comfort...

"While we retain a tradition of masterful craftsmanship, our automated production lines allow us to continuously innovate to improve the quality of your furniture. Because you are the reason we do this. With your comfort and the durability of your furniture in mind, we have set up a laboratory to carry out wear and strength tests on our beds, tables, storage units and more. All our furniture has been put through its paces!"

... and continuing to surprise you!

"Innovating is also about turning the status quo on its head! Thanks to our innovation lab, we've been able to develop high-end furniture like our SMART XL table. This incredible innovation is more than 3 metres long, yet only has 4 legs. A stroke of manufacturing genius! We are more committed than ever to passing this expertise on to our production staff to ultimately benefit you—our customer—and protect your health as we protect the planet. All in Gautier's inimitable style!"

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