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Tip: storage for a small child’s bedroom

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Creating storage should be child's play! But that's not always the case... unless you can find clever furnishing solutions so it's easy as well as fun for everyone! This article brings you all our storage ideas, especially designed for a small child's bedroom.

Go for practical storage for your child's bedroom

When it comes to choosing storage solutions for a child's bedroom, the possibilities are endless! But bear in mind that if the room is small, it's all about maximising the space available! Look out for versatile, compact units. For example, our space-saving beds combine a sleeping space with a desk and storage.

Tip: storage for a small child’s bedroom

You should also try to choose furniture that offers sufficient storage to hold all your child's toys and clothes. Ask yourself the right questions: for example, do you have enough bookcase shelves and will they take books and figurines in all sorts of sizes? Finally, go for wardrobes, dresser or tall chests with wide and deep drawers to fit in as many clothes you like.

Child-sized storage

If you want your child to get involved in keeping their bedroom tidy, you need storage units they can reach. With this in mind, consider:

  • Low units with drawers and shelves they can reach;

  • Hooks at an accessible height so they can easily hang up their clothes, or for hanging up baskets and keeping toys tidy;

  • A chest on castors or a daybed with sufficient storage to give your child plenty of space.

Pro tip:  If your child's toys and books are within reach, they are less likely to want everything "under their nose" and leave things strewn all over the floor...  Learning to keep things tidy will be easier once they discover the pleasure of sorting and displaying their treasures themselves using containers and shelves. So leave them to develop their own sense of organisation, trusting them to choose their different ways to store their favourite items. Children will keep their space tidier if you officially assign them this role. This means you can legitimately remind them of their "responsibilities" if they don't tidy their things in the way they decided on themselves!

Tip: storage for a small child’s bedroom

Hardwearing and durable furniture

To make sure the furniture in your child's bedroom stands the test of time and can cope with its little inhabitants' boundless energy, always go for quality furniture. Look for sturdy, durable and varied storage solutions. If you want your child to be happy with the units in the long term, choose portable and modular furniture such as bedside tables, bookcases or containers. As your child grows, they can easily reposition of these storage units and change the layout of their bedroom to suit their needs.

A storage idea for a small child’s bedroom: modular furniture

Choose practical furniture in a child's bedroom, ensuring it is suitable for the space you have available. For example, you can now find bookcases to put together yourself, combining several different elements to create furniture in the perfect size for you. They can have a small footprint or extend along a wall... it's up to you! Always look for ingenious, designer storage units to fit perfectly with the size of your child's bedroom and avoid wasting space.

Tip: storage for a small child’s bedroom

How to create storage in a small child’s bedroom?

If your child's bedroom is small, choosing ingenious furniture and cleverly designed decoration can make all the difference. These 7 tips will help you simplify how your child's toys are stored, creating a stylish, uncluttered bedroom that looks bigger than it is:

  1. Put up shelves on the walls to maximise the space available;

  2. Go for compact, adaptable furniture that is multi-purpose;

  3. Choose a headboard with built-in storage and add a practical underbed drawer;

  4. Put up hooks to team with baskets, providing storage space for lots of toys;

  5. Furnish the room with modular storage elements (essential for an attic bedroom, to make use of the space under the eaves);

  6. Use each and every nook and cranny by adding benches and daybeds;

  7. Finally, choose a stylish mirror to add light and create a sense of space.


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